The Petflap draughtproof pet door in BLACK

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Petflaps ordered now will be ready for despatch in about a week.  The Petflap is our never-blow-open, feather light operation pet door intended for those who want something better for their pet and their home.

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To order a Petflap from outside the UK please read our page on international shipping.


The Petflap is our never-blow-open, feather light operation pet door intended for those who want something better for their pet and their home. To see and hear the movement of the pet access flap please visit our YouTube channel.

  • The Petflap’s exteriors are made of laminated durable recycled and recyclable plastic
  • The middle layer is cut from sustainable and weatherproof tricoya
  • The windows are acrylic
  • The bolts are 316 stainless steel to reduce the risk of rust to Petflaps fitted in exposed coastal areas

The Petflap is available in black, white and silver, and a combination of all three colours. Trunking is available in black and white. Please get in touch to order a mixed colour model.

The mostly circular shape makes for easy fitting into glass, wood or uPVC doors, and stone or brick walls. Secure with silicone sealant or architectural adhesive. The trunking helps to seal the internal door structure to avoid water ingress and damage.

Fitting instructions are available to view online and as a PDF download only. Visit our Fitting page to view or click on this link to download the PDF. We have available a life-size PDF of the pet access flap to download and cut out, if you want to test whether your pet can fit through (ensure Page Scaling is set to ‘None’ in your printer set up for a true size).

Your Petflap will arrive with protective film in place on all surfaces. This can be removed when fitting is complete. The lock should be open when peeling off the pet access film, and closed when peeling off the rim film.

Extended or reduced trunking is a bespoke service. We can’t retrofit extended trunking to a Petflap that already has standard trunking fitted so if you need bespoke trunking please don’t buy here but contact us and we will quote for your Petflap order individually.

We recommend fitting by a professional experienced in this sort of work, as poor fitting can affect the Petflap’s performance. We accept no liability for inconvenience or expense arising from faulty fitting or faults arising in use.

Before buying please check:

  • the suitability of your door for the Petflap, both size and structure – please get in touch if you have any doubts. Please note that doors with panels narrower than the Petflap are NOT suitable. This does not include tongue and groove, which is suitable as long as your fitter ensures the grooves are completely sealed. The Petflap needs to be fitted into a flat area a little bigger than 295mm diameter (or 295x295mm square for a square-edge Petflap). Any panels, moulding, ridges or other surface interruptions, front or back of the door and that are within the Petflap fitting area preclude fitting a Petflap. You could fit the Petflap into a separate panel and then replace a section of your door with that panel. Otherwise your Petflap could go into glass or through a wall.
    • Before buying a Petflap please make sure that your door has a large enough flat surface to fit it into
    • Please check that your door doesn’t have any locking or structural mechanisms inside it that will be disturbed by fitting a Petflap
    • Please check that you won’t invalidate a door guarantee by fitting a Petflap
    • Please check that your cat can pass through comfortably (download the lifesize pdf)
    • Please ask us any questions you have about buying, fitting or using a Petflap
  • that the Petflap is big enough for your pet to pass through comfortably
  • that you do not need to modify the Petflap in any way to fit it. MODIFYING THE PETFLAP IN ANY WAY VOIDS OUR GUARANTEE.
  • that you have read the fitting leaflet
  • that you have read our Returns Policy and Terms & Conditions and are happy to abide by them
  • that you have asked us any questions you have about the Petflap, its use, fitting etc


Pet access: 103mm x 187mm each side

Outer Frame: 300mm

Door hole cut: 256mm minimum – see fitting leaflet

Suitable for walls, windows or door panels up to 65mm deep


We send UK-destined Petflaps by Parcelforce48. All packaging is reusable or recyclable.