The Maxflap draughtproof pet door

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We’re pleased to introduce the Maxflap draughtproof dog door, a catflap for dogs and big cats. A Jack Russell should be able to get through comfortably, as well as toy breeds.

The Maxflap is made from tricoya, an accoya-based MDF that’s durable and weatherproof for over 70 years. We turn it into a durable and weatherproof pet door set into a panel designed to replace the panel in a door. We can even etch your pet’s name on the door.

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To order a Maxflap from outside the UK please read our page on international shipping.

The Maxflap is our never-blow-open, feather light operation pet door intended for those who want something better for their pet and their home. As a guide, the Maxflap is designed to accommodate larger cats, and dogs about the size of a Jack Russell Terrier.

  • The Maxflap’s main panels and trunking are cut from sustainable and weatherproof tricoya
  • The windows are acrylic
  • The bolts are 316 stainless steel to reduce the risk of rust to Maxflaps fitted in exposed coastal areas
  • we can etch your house name, pet name etc onto the Maxflap for no extra cost

The Maxflap is designed to be fitted into a door panel. Secure with silicone sealant or architectural adhesive. The trunking helps to seal the internal door structure to avoid water ingress and damage. The Maxflap is supplied without a paint finish simply because we lack the facilities to spray properly but none the less is weatherproof. We recommend spraying with PlastiKote or applying a layer of oil, stain or varnish though this isn’t necessary to make it waterproof.

The Maxflap has a simple lock on the rear. It’s designed to foil a cat or dog but be operated easily by a human. We’re working on a microchip for both the Petflap and the Maxflap but this won’t be available til much later in 2021.

We recommend fitting by a professional experienced in this sort of work, as poor fitting can affect the Maxflap’s performance. We accept no liability for inconvenience or expense arising from faulty fitting or faults arising in use.

The Maxflap is made to order and takes up to three weeks from payment to despatch.

Before buying please check:

  • the suitability of your door for the Maxflap, both size and structure
  • that the Maxflap is big enough for your pet to pass through comfortably
  • that you have read our Returns Policy and Terms & Conditions and are happy to abide by them
  • that you have asked us any questions you have about the Maxflap, its use, fitting etc


  • Pet access: 167mm x 208mm each side
  • External frame: 487mm x 355mm
  • Door hole cut: about 437mmx310mm
  • Suitable for door panels up to 65mm deep
  • Distance base of frame to base of pet access flap: 71mm
  • Distance from base of frame to trunking: 20mm on bottom edge, 25mm on other edges

This is the standard Maxflap we offer, but it’s not the only size we can make. We have some flexibility on the size of the outer frame. We can make it bigger, but not any smaller.

As detailed on our Bespoke Pet Door page, we can create draughtproof pet doors for awkward spaces or particular needs. If you need a door with a taller or wider pet access flap please get in touch.


We send by Parcelforce48. We are approaching overseas sales on a case-by-case basis at the moment. Please see our current information on international shipping. All packaging is reusable or recyclable.


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