Keep your cool and your money...

Keep the cold out in Winter. Stay cool in Summer. An airtight EcoFlap keeps control. Use EcoFlap as a standalone energy efficiency measure, or install it to complement other retrofit energy efficiency methods. It fits in minutes and works for years. Available in white, brown and black, EcoFlaps sell in their thousands, keeping homes comfortable in Britain and all over the world. Buy one here today and start saving energy right away.

What is an EcoFlap?

EcoFlap is super-smart British engineering that uses the force of a draught to shut your letterbox tighter. The harder the wind blows the tighter EcoFlap remains shut. No crumpled post. No trapped fingers. No torn newspapers.

How does it work?

Save Money and Energy

Estimates suggest up to 27% of a home's heat loss is through that 'hole in the door' post comes through. Using EcoFlap stops that dead. It eliminates draught, reduces noise and keeps mail and fingers safe.

How much money?

Where do I get one?

Buy from us here now or from one of our approved resellers. We're recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, architects, eco-advisors, housing associations, national press, radio and TV.

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