Draughtproof Pet Door and Letter Box Draught Excluders COVID19/CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN (update issued 24/3/20): We are able to continue manufacturing and despatching without contravening the lockdown, so we will continue to produce Petflaps for the time being.

Our draughtproof pet door and letter box draught excluders help you keep control of your energy bill and your home comfort. Use a Letterplate Eco and a Petflap as standalone energy efficiency measures or install to complement other retrofit energy efficiency methods. Our products are the ultime fit-and-forget draughtproofing solutions, and they're designed to work for years, keeping homes comfortable all over the world. Buy here today and start saving money and energy right away.

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The Letterplate Eco letter box draught excluder and Petflap draughtproof pet door benefit from super-smart British engineering that uses the force of a draught to shut your letterbox tighter. The harder the wind blows the tighter they shut. No crumpled post, trapped fingers or torn newspapers through the front door. No trapped tails or paws, banging door or swirling draughts through the back door.

How do they work?

Save Money and Energy

Estimates suggest up to 27% of a home's heat loss is through the letterbox. Imagine how much is lost through a pet door that's much bigger, used numerous times a day and often prone to flap in the breeze. Our Letterplate Eco and Petflap eliminate draughts, reduce noise and keep mail and fingers, paws and tails safe while saving you money on your energy bill.

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